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PyData meetup

It has been ages since I wrote my last post and I think my first PyData meet-up is the perfect event to catch-up with it. PyData (London) is the biggest group for both Python and Data Science in London with more than 2,300 registered members.

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Artificial Intelligence Event

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been an active field of study for more than half a century. However, some of the recent breakthroughs accomplished both by the academic community and some companies are fuelling the interest, imagination and even fear from the general public. This can be seen on the growing numbers of novels and movies portraying (usually evil) AI-driven robots or entities that want to (usually) wipe out the human race. This huge interest was perfect for an event like the one Playfair Capital organised at the magnificent Bloomberg HQ in London. We had an amazing list of speakers from academia and industry, as well as some of the main writers about Artificial Intelligence.

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