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How can Machine Learning and AI help solving the Fake News Problem?

The term “fake news” was almost non-existent in the general context and media providers prior to October 2016 but times have changed and I would not be surprised if you have heard the term being used today, in the news, the radio or just in the street.

Fake news is a term that has been used to describe very different issues, from satirical articles to completely fabricated news and plain government propaganda in some outlets. Fake news, information bubbles, news manipulation and the lack of trust in the media are growing problems with huge ramifications in our society. However, in order to start addressing this problem, we need to have an understanding on what Fake News is. Only then can we look into the different techniques and fields of machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) that could help us fight this situation.

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