Dr. Miguel Martinez is the Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist of Signal AI, a fast growing UK artificial intelligence company creating AI solutions to enable better decision making by analysing, in real-time, millions of external articles (e.g., news, broadcasts, legislation, …). Dr. Martinez leads the Signal AI research team, while also running collaboration programmes with top international universities to transform machine learning, natural language processing and information retrieval into large-scale and pioneering commercial technology products.

Signal AI has grown from 3 people in a London garage to 200+ people across the UK, US and Asia, having raised $100m in funding. Signal AI’s platform enables organisations to track defined challenges in real time; from competitive landscape and changes to regulation, to monitoring reputation or supply chain. By gathering the relevant data at scale, and applying its proprietary machine learning analysis, the platform empowers smarter and faster decisions.

In addition to his work in Signal AI, Dr. Martinez advises different organisations such as the Global Disinformation Index, as well as being an active angel investor and start-up advisor for several start-ups. Dr. Martinez has been awarded the Business Leader of Tomorrow award 2014 by Innovate UK and was included in the list of UK Business Innovators in 2016 by Bloomberg.

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