My name is Miguel Martinez-Alvarez, and I am a researcher and developer, mainly in the fields of Text Analytics and Information Retrieval.

I am also the co-founder and Head of Research of Signal, a revolutionary platform to analyse text and discovering business intelligence. My main role is to investigate and apply the best possible algorithms and methods that are created in different fields of the academic world and apply them in a large-scale, commercially viable product.

A bit of history…

I studied a 5-years degree in Computer Science (equivalent to degree+master in the UK) at the University of Oviedo. I was supervised by Dr. Daniel Gayo-Avello, who introduced my to the field of Information Retrieval, for my two final year projects. During this time I also worked as a web developer and as a research consultant for the Human Communication and Interaction Research Group at the university.

Two weeks after graduating, I moved to London to improve my english and I joined the PhD program in the Information Retrieval Group at Queen Mary, University of London, where Dr. Thomas Roelleke was my supervisor from 2009 until March of 2014, when I officially became a Doctor. My research at Queen Mary covered different fields related to Information Retrieval and Text Classification, mainly focused on abstraction and knowledge exploitation. During this time, I was lucky enough to travel around the world to attend several conferences, meeting some of the most respected and well-known researchers in the field. During the same period, I also work (twice) at Globe Business Publishers, where I had my first experience of being a consultant.

The last period of my life so far has been interlinked with Signal, the company in where I work trying to integrate the best research from the academic world in a large-scale commercial product. This adventure started when David Benigson, the current CEO of the company “spammed” me on meet-up and asked me if I wanted to join his project while finishing my last year of the PhD. In retrospective, it was a very risky decision, but it probably was the best professional decision I have ever made.

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