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Could the start-up scene in the UK collapse if we do not create a suitable visa program for europeans?

London is arguably the tech-hub and heart of the start-up community in Europe, with some people even comparing it to Silicon Valley. However, I am afraid that this incredible opportunity could disappear depending on how we manage some operational details once the UK is outside the EU.

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What are the skills that the industry is looking for in new developers?

Life has been very busy (but good) these last weeks both from the professional and personal life and I have neglected the blog. I will change this in the next weeks and try to come back to my usual speed. For the moment being, I will share my answer to a question that I have been asked in several occasions in the past, especially when I visit universities: “What are the skills that the industry is looking for in new developers?”:

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InnovateUK and the KTP

The application of cutting the edge research into real problems that are addressed with commercially viable products is the main philosophy within Signal, and the main drive that has guided my professional life. This does not mean that I do not appreciate them independently: Research by itself provides insight into untapped knowledge and pushes the boundaries of human intellect. On the other hand, huge enterprises and fortunes have been created thanks to brilliant products that lacked significant innovative research. However, I strongly believe that the best way to succeed, especially in the IT world, is by aligning the best possible research to address real problems faced by potential clients and present a product which is commercially attractive.

Some time ago I was in the InnovateUK and KTP Best of the best awards conference, where I was awarded the Business Leader of Tomorrow Award. The main goal of the InnovateUK event was to be a showcase for some of the most innovative and brilliant companies within the UK to present their inventions to the world. I was greatly surprised to see a broad range of ideas and projects, from a transportation device made by the ESA (European Space Agency) that I was told will land on Mars, to new generation boats that can be used for marine expeditions or military operations with any type of weather conditions or a beautiful electric motorcycle.

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Some of my favourite TED talks

I want to speak about TED, which in my honest opinion is one of the best sites that exist in the internet at the moment. TED could be summarised as some of the best presentations related to “Ideas worth spreading”, given by some of the most outstanding individuals of our time. For the (I hope few) of you who have watch a TED talk, I really encourage you to go to their site right now, even before finishing reading this. I have been spending some of my otherwise painful commuting time on watching some TED talks. The main reason of this post is to recommend and summarise some of these talks focused on data science and technology.

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